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Harry Potter Inspired Message Candles

Snogging Cho Chang:

With knowledge comes power, and these Ravenclaws knew who to go to. The pumpkins are straight out of Hagrids garden. The lavender was gifted to us by Professor Sprout. It’s all in who you know…

Underrated Ones:

Anna always feels that Hufflepuff is so underrated, and so she wanted to create a fragrance that would hold you spell bound. It has hints of sea salt for freshness and vanilla birch for that ‘cozy room’ feel. 

For Fred:

For Fred is slightly masculine for bravery with its undertone of amber wood. Anna decided to add a cakey goodness scent for the obvious love of food. You’ll find that it’s the cherry on top for our Gryffindor team room! 

Syltherin's Wrath:

Despite the home room being close to the dungeons, Anna wanted to keep Slytherin’s Wrath actually light and airy. Lemongrass will keep even the dankest/darkest room bright and the eucalyptus will keep it so fresh that Professor Snape will slightly smile. 

Snitches Get Stitches:

With Quidditch being outdoors, Anna wanted to capture the scent from the Whomping Willow and the Forbidden Forest. She added an apple pastries scent  to the cauldron, because Ron insisted! 

Each label & insert has been hand drawn!

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